Writing in Nine Easy Steps

The writing process is systematic and involves following a sequence of steps. Writing involves coming up with ideas, organising those ideas, and later putting them on paper in a systematic format to ensure harmony and flow throughout the entire article.

The best way of knowing how to write is to practice writing often, and following a guideline or a set of steps is a sure-fire way of improving your writing skill. For more you can read this article: “how to write a persuasive essay“.

Start Off with a Good Headline

The headline of your article speaks more about the content that follows and in most cases, readers will read your article if the headline is eye-catching. Make sure you take your time coming up with a title that is going to capture the attention of your readers. Once you select an appropriate title for your article, then the writing part will come in naturally.

Jot Down Points and Ideas

After settling on the headline for your article, you need to start working on the content of your article. An excellent piece comprises of an introduction, the body, and conclusion. You should put points and ideas on paper, which will help you come up with the main content of your article.

Begin Writing Your Article

The first line of your article should capture the attention of the reader and motivate them to read on. You can use a quote, question or fact to enhance the quality of the first line of your introduction part. The introduction part should motivate the reader to continue reading your article, and you should ensure that this section captures the attention of your reader.

Inculcate the Appropriate Terms and Phrases

Depending on the content you are writing, it is important to use terms an phrases that blend well with the subject of the article. This increases the relevance of your piece and improves its overall quality. If you are writing content for promotional and marketing purposes on a website, proper usage of terms and phrases will make it visible to search engines, hence increasing traffic to your site.

Adopt a Simple Yet Unique Style

As you continue writing your article, make sure you keep the structure of sentences short and straightforward. Well written content is easy to understand and improves its readability. Adopt a unique style of writing, since this will make your article stand out from thousands of articles on the same subject. A simple and uniquely written article is highly likely to attract the attention of readers.

Add Links to Sources You Have Used

When you use other sources to explain a point further in your content, it is only appropriate to refer to those sources by inserting links to those sources. There is nothing wrong with using other sources to clarify your points. On the contrary, using sources to back up your content improves its credibility and resourcefulness. However, you should add links and make proper referencing to any sources you use in your article.

Work On Your Conclusion

The conclusion sums up the entire article, and it is vital to come up with a conclusion that reflects the content you have created. Depending on the nature of your body of work, you might choose to support an argument in cases of essay writing, or you may decide to give a rundown of a product or service in the case of copywriting. Your conclusion should summarise the entire article, and it should be straightforward and simple to understand.


Edit and Proofread Your Work

Once you have completed writing your content, it is essential to take a break before embarking on the proofreading process. This helps you to internalise the work you have created and allows you to come up with better pick-up lines, keywords, and phrases for areas where you think a review might be necessary.

After the break, start editing and proofreading your work for spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, poor sentences grammatical errors and typos. There are tools on the internet that can help you detect these errors and take necessary action.

Editing improves the quality of your content and makes it easier to read through and understand.

Post or Submit Your Content

After editing and proofreading your article for mistakes, submit it to the person who requested it, or you can post it to a blog or website depending on the purpose of the article. Once the piece is out there, people will read the article and give their thoughts about it.

This is very important since feedback helps you take note of your strengths and weaknesses. Meaningful criticism will help you improve your writing skills in the long run. Accept criticism from people who read your work and use it to improve how you write.

In a nutshell, writing is a simple process, but it demands patience, dedication, and commitment. You can follow these steps to learn how to write good content and continuous practice over time will boost your writing skills.

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