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Observing Physical Education

After observing a physical education coach (PE) teaching elementary students, I learned several issues regarding the profession. I developed new feelings and approach to the classroom management, instruction delivery, the process of organization, teacher or student interaction, and student engagement.

I observed physical education coach guide 4th-grade students on games such as jumping front and back. The coach displayed excellent classroom management practice through proper design and execution of the different elementary physical games and associated programs. I felt that the coach availed sufficient and desirable guidance to foster physical fitness (Krombholz, 9).

The instruction delivery of the coach was adaptable to the kids who aged about eight years at fourth grade since they quickly learned. The exercises such as jumping and running together not only enhanced the physical framework, but also invigorated social growth, cognitive sharpening, and emotional progress of the children (Burgeson et al., 5).

The organization of process of the students was easy. Many students conform to the desired arrangements that teacher proposes. The organization of the school followed a structured framework that guided on the daily operation of the school.

There was a close teacher to student interaction thus allowing teachers to comprehend group behaviors and motivate inspiring behaviors while shunning negative modes. The coach had an opportunity to regulate the safety of the children environment.

The PE teacher achieved student engagement paying close attention to every student. Each student was invited to jump in front of the others. Through such initiatives, students gained virtues of equality, caring, and love for one another. The class became cooperative and moved from being a class to a family. I liked the school atmosphere created by the cooperative children. I slightly disliked seeing some students shying from interaction, but later accepted that children are unique in nature. Some children take more time than others to socialize.