How to accept a job offer in 2021? Top 10 critical things to note before accepting a job offer!

What is a job offer?

A job offer is a formal invitation from an employer for someone to become an employee. An employer can offer a job informally through in-person conversation or a phone call, but the formal offer is documented by email or letter and contains details of the proposed employment. The terms and conditions outlined in a job offer often include:

1. Consider your response

After receiving a job offer, you must decide how you want to respond. The three typical ways to respond to a job offer are to accept, negotiate the terms of employment or decline the offer. You should respond as quickly as possible, but you can ask the employer for 24 hours or a few days to consider the offer if you need time to think about your options.

2. Negotiate (optional)

You may choose to negotiate the terms of employment before accepting or declining the job offer. You can research the market average salary for the position and consider your location, experience, education and skills to determine what your salary should be. If you are going to negotiate in person, prepare your talking points in advance and consider practicing with a friend. In a written reply, state your interest in the position as well as your desire for a higher salary. Use your research and personal information to clearly and politely explain why you deserve different terms.

3. Accept or decline the offer

After you have concluded negotiations and made your decision, you need to respond to the job offer by formally accepting or declining. You can send a letter, but if you were offered the job in an email, you should respond by email also.

, your response should include some core elements. This email or letter lets you convey your appreciation, verify the details of your employment and find out the next steps before your first day of work. An official job offer acceptance also allows you to demonstrate professionalism and commitment when you start your new job. Follow these guidelines to accept an offer:

Formally accept the job

Directly state that you agree to the terms of the position at the beginning of your email. Include the title of the role and the name of the company in your statement. For example, you could write, “I am pleased to accept the project manager role at Bold Solutions.”

Express your thanks

Include your appreciation of the offer as well as your acceptance. Showing your gratitude for this opportunity demonstrates courtesy and professionalism. You can also express enthusiasm by mentioning your eagerness to begin or explaining how you hope to contribute positively to the team.

Confirm employment details

After the opening paragraph, verify important employment information. Stating these details will ensure that there are no misunderstandings about the terms of your job offer. Try to confirm your start date, salary amount, work schedule, benefits package and other details discussed with the employer or included in the job offer.

Ask about final steps

In the closing paragraph of your response, consider asking if there is anything else you should know or do before your first day of work. You can ask for any necessary materials, such as an employee handbook, or offer to come into the office before your start date to complete any paperwork. You could also ask for orientation details. After mentioning any additional steps, end your letter with a polite closing phrase, your name and your contact information.

Notify other employers

After you formally accept the job offer, you should inform any other employers who might be interested in you. If you interviewed for other positions or scheduled interviews with alternative companies, let them know that you accepted a position and are no longer available. If you are currently employed elsewhere, submit a formal resignation letter

Formally decline the job

First, clearly state that you are declining the offer at the beginning of your email. You can be direct and polite, such as “I regret to inform you that I will not be accepting your job offer at this time.”

Consider providing a reason

While you don’t have to tell the employer why you are declining, it is a professional gesture and may help you maintain a positive relationship. You should be brief and positive, such as simply stating that you have accepted a job elsewhere or that the position isn’t the right fit for you.

Thank the employer

4. Use a professional format

You should format your job offer response as professionally as you would any other document involved in the hiring process. If sending an email, use a subject line with your name and a clear phrase such as “ Job Offer Acceptance. ” Type the email in a commonly used business font in size 11 or 12, and begin with a formal greeting to the person who offered you the job. End with a closing phrase such as “ Sincerely ” before your signature and contact information.

How to accept a job offer?

1. Note of thanks – as a first step, on the question of how to accept a job offer, is to convey immediately a note of thanks. The thanks can be conveyed in emails or through phone calls. The action shows your excitement and interest in the job offered.

2. Clear Understanding – t he second most important step is to understand every point mentioned in the offer letter. Hence it is advisable to scrutinize the job description, the compensation package, health benefits, and exit criteria too. Any queries need to be framed and asked immediately to avoid any confusion. This exercise will also help you to draft your job offer acceptance letter or email.

3. Duration for Acceptance – a fter receiving a job offer, an immediate question may arise on how long do I have to accept a job offer? It is recommended to ask this question upfront. Generally, reputed companies provide 2 to 3 days duration for you to decide. Some companies even negotiate for time. You can either agree with the company’s decision on the duration or discuss in case you need more time to decide.

4. Verify the Compensation Package – t he compensation package is one of the important elements in a job offer letter. The compensation details are normally agreed upon between the candidate and the HR personnel. Ensure that the letter reflects the figures as communicated and accepted. In case of discrepancies, highlight them immediately.

5. Exclusive Verification of the Benefits – o ne of the important best practices on the question of how to accept a job offer is verifying the benefits offered. Some companies mention the benefits exclusively in the offer letter and some do not.

6. Compare the retirement plan – y ou may continue working in a company long term. That demands careful validation and verification of the retirement plan of the company. You must compare the plan with other companies where preferably your friends or family members work.

7. Clarify the Job Title and Responsibilities – Duties and responsibilities expected out of the job title offered are the key elements of a job offer letter. It must be in sync and at par with your expectations too. While you are thinking about how to accept a job offer, do not forget to verify every point of the responsibilities penned down.

These are vital for your decision to accept a job offer. Any mismatch in expectations must be clarified upfront. Neglecting it may lead to unnecessary confrontations in the future, hampering your career and job position in the company.

8. Negotiation Possibilities – Some companies leverage the job offer letter as the negotiation medium for finalizing the compensation offer and even the job description. In such cases, check the negotiation possibilities and criteria with the HR personnel. Depending on the company policies, engage in discussions for a mutual agreement.

9. Awareness of the Work Culture – a company’s way of working and professional culture is significant in determining your long term association with it. It also affects your job satisfaction level to a great extent. Hence when you are wondering about how to accept a job offer, it is advisable to be aware of the company work culture.

You can enquire from known employees working in the company. You can even connect with experienced professionals on the company’s mode of working and reputation. Different internet forums also carry out comparison exercises between companies.

Tip: You might be tempted to accept a job offer immediately after receiving it. Be cautious and steady before doing so. It’s your career, one mistake may ruin your future professional growth. Follow the steps mentioned for better decision and judgment.

Remember: Think about your aspirations and career goals. Ensure that they match the job offered. You must not compromise on your future growth, since it’s vital for your profile and experience history.

Job offer acceptance: email example

Thank you for the opportunity to join A Cut Above Hair Salon. Please accept this email as my official acceptance of the job offer for the position of Salon Manager. I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to using my skills to add value to your organization.

Per the details expressed in your official offer letter and discussed over the phone, I accept the starting salary of $32,500 per year with benefits of paid time off and insurance being offered after my first 90 days of employment.

I look forward to my first day of work and getting to meet the rest of the salon team on October 1, 2019. If there is any additional information you need from me prior to my start date, please let me know. You can reach me by phone at (555) 239-8083 or by email at [email protected].


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