Content Writer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

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Content Writer Job Duties

  • Ensuring that all content is legally compliant and free of errors by conducting research and collaborating with legal experts when necessary
  • Developing and writing original content such as articles, blog posts, or product descriptions
  • Conducting research to determine the topics that are most relevant to readers in a given industry or field
  • Identifying the target audience and adapting content accordingly to appeal to their interests and needs
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading text content for websites, brochures, magazines, journals, or other publications
  • Creating engaging content that will resonate with specific audiences and encourage them to take action
  • Researching topics and interviewing experts within a specific industry to gather information for articles or blog posts
  • Reviewing content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors before publishing it to ensure that it meets the publication’s standards for presentation
  • Developing strategies to increase website traffic and engagement through the use of SEO best practices, including title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and keyword placement

Content writers’ salaries vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the type of content they are writing. They may also earn additional income through freelance work or commissions.

Demand for content writing will stem from the continued growth of e-commerce and online advertising. Content writers will be needed to write product descriptions, social media posts, and digital ads that are clear and engaging.

Content Writer Job Requirements

Education: Content writers are typically required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Some of the most common majors for content writers are English, journalism, creative writing and communications.

Many employers prefer to hire candidates who have a master’s degree in English, creative writing or communications. These degrees provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful content writers.

Training & Experience: Content writers typically receive on-the-job training. This training may include learning the company’s style guide and how to use the content management system. Training may also include learning about the company’s products or services.

Content writers can also receive training through internships. During an internship, a content writer can learn about the industry and the company’s products or services. They can also learn about the style guide and how to use the content management system.

Certifications & Licenses: Though content writers do not have any required certifications, they can earn certifications to show their expertise in a topic and increase their earning potential.

What does a Content Writer do?

Content Writers work for marketing agencies and in-house advertising departments to product engaging written pieces for digital and print media. Content Writers can write on a range of subjects, which their clients can then use to advertise their services or educate consumers on relevant topics to their brand. They master different style guides and are able to produce creative writing, informational articles, fictional stories, personal blog posts and other entertaining or educational content. Their role is to attract potential customers to a brand by producing compelling writing that a business’ target market may be interested in reading about.

When writing a Content Writer job description, start by introducing the job and company to prospective Content Writers. Briefly highlight the work environment, what sets your company apart and why the role is important to your company.

“Company ABC is looking for a Content Writer to join our growing editorial team. This is an exciting opportunity to find new ways to connect with our audience and grow traffic to our website. We’re a 100% remote company and welcome applicants from anywhere in the United States to apply.

Content Writer skills and qualifications

Content writers typically need a bachelor’s degree. Many have a master’s degree, and companies that specialize in fields like science or mathematics may prefer Ph.D.s or people with experience in a niche area. Content Writers can also complete additional training and certifications from community colleges, online organizations and universities. These qualifications aren’t required for all positions, and many writers advance through their careers with only a bachelor’s degree and real-world experience.

Writers can find entry-level work out of college or even while completing their degrees. Many writing jobs may only require one or two years of experience, and some companies hire candidates with internships or work done while in college as substitutes for real-world experience. For mid-level writers or Content Writers working on complex projects, three years of experience or more is acceptable.

A Look at a Freelance Content Writer Job

I mean you are in the customer service industry right? You are providing a service to a client or customer of yours, whether it’s a social media post or an email, your job is to deliver a top notch article.

Most of your freelance writing will be for online content. Understanding content writing is important. For example, within blog writing, there is long-form content, in-depth content, product reviews, listicles, etc.

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Hi, In most cases I do since this is my digital marketing niche and I like to use my skills when I write! But not every post is optimized for SEO – sometimes I have a story to tell like my latest one on being a commodity writer. This isn’t a searchable term but it’s a post that needs to be written and read.Reply to Elna

Hi Elna, Thank you so much for sharing your valuable information. I think these 10 points of Content Writing tips will be more effective for Bloggers. Thanks again for your helpful article! Keep going on great content like this.Reply to Alam

Hey there! I’ve been a content writer for 6 years now, and this article is a great refresher. I’ve noticed a lot more writers in the industry nowadays. I think it’s a great combo of people wanting to be independent + lots of businesses moving online. Lots of people like to complain that the market is “oversaturated”. I don’t believe in that. There’s a little corner out there for everyone, you just have to carve it for yourself. You would think that there’s less work because more people are hoarding money. But it’s actually quite the opposite! I’m excited to see how the freelance writing industry grows in the future.Reply to Destiny

Hi Elna, It’s good to hear some practical tips from an experienced freelance writer like you! It’s great you could turn writing into a full time earning source within 6 months of starting only. Inspirational! Thanks! I am Financial writer too trying to establish a portfolio for myself! I know it’s not that easy, I can say it from my own experience. Its not same for all! Some grow early while it takes more time for others to establish as a popular writer.Reply to Harleen

Hi Elna, I’m a newbie writer and would love to be a content writer. My problem is that I don’t know what niche to start with. I’m most comfortable writing about MMO and cryptocurrency. Do you suggest I start a blog on these two? Also from your writeup, it seems content writers don’t usually need much specialisation. Since they write for different businesses and it’s still all about web content. And thanks for the post. It’s very informative for a starter.Reply to Claudius

Hi, The best writers are specialized in their niche topic. While you can make money as a generalized writer, I feel it’s more time consuming to research and understand each topic you write about. Cryptocurrency is a popular niche so stick with that.Reply to Elna

Hi Kathy, You can rate per project but I find that businesses might find look at that price and say “whoa!” She wants $600 for this project? I personally like to base my rate per 500 words. I’ve had success doing this. As for a starting rate, I do encourage my students to start at this rate for most online blogging projects. If you are a white paper writer or a resume writer or a magazine writer, your rate will differ significantly. But, since my course is based on my experience as a freelance blogger, this is what I share in my course.Reply to Elna

Hi Elna, thank you so much for this informative post. I am a newbie content writer I only have a marketing blog with few blog posts. My question is, how do I know which content to go with and how should be the pricing strategy for my content?Reply to Primrose

Hi Primose! You’re welcome! So glad you found this post helpful! As far as which content to go with, I would make sure you are reading other content marketing blogs and gathering ideas for future projects and blog posts. You can also use Buzzsumo to check what is popular in your niche topic! As for a pricing strategy, I tell my writers for blog writing to price at around $.10/word. All other types of copy like website copy, landing page copy goes up!Reply to Elna


How to Write a Business Introduction Letter (With Examples)

Because the letter makes a few claims (e.g., a 30% acquisition cost reduction), the full proposal should explain how the seller arrived at each number. This is a great example, but keep in mind that it lacks two key elements: an adequate CTA and a signature. We recommend including both.

Free Business Proposal Letter Template

How to Write a Business Introduction Letter (With Examples)

When a business is expanding its market, or it wants to communicate with another company or organization, it might send out a business introduction letter. This can help show potential customers or other organizations what a business does, what products and services it offers and how it can help the market or other related businesses.

However, there are several elements to include in a business introduction letter, especially between audiences, such as consumers or other corporations. In this article, you will learn how to write a business introduction letter with templates and examples.

What is a business introduction letter?

A business introduction letter is a way for companies to introduce themselves to potential customers, partner businesses, distributors, investors or other individuals or organizations to describe products or services that they offer. Additionally, company introduction letters may be categorized as either business-to-business, where a company writes to another business, and business-to-customer, where the business writes to its market or clientele.

A business-to-business letter of introduction might commonly be used by businesses introducing their products, services or intent to another business. The intent behind this type of business introduction letter may be to describe a possible partnership, request investment opportunities, or, if a company’s niche market is other businesses, they might use an introduction letter to describe the products and services that they offer.

A company might use a business-to-customer, or business-to-consumer, introduction letter to introduce a sale, new products, discounted services or alert a specific market to a new company’s arrival.

What style considerations are common in business writing?

Business writers tend to prioritize clear and concise communication. When writing in business, carefully considering the following style elements, along with your purpose and audience, can help you communicate more effectively:

Active voice. One skill in business writing is how to tactfully take ownership or distribute blame for certain actions. Active voice refers to a sentence structure that places the actor of the sentence as its grammatical subject. In general, active voice comes across as clearer, more direct, and more concise than passive voice, which are all elements of good business writing. However, the passive voice can be a useful tool in legally-sensitive writing, because the passive voice can convey what has occurred without naming names.

Jargon. Generally, your audience will prefer plain, straightforward language over jargon, because it allows them to read your writing quickly without misunderstandings. However, you may encounter what looks like jargon. Ask yourself if this language may be functioning as shorthand or whether it’s helping establish expectations or norms in business relationships. Understanding your audience and why they may choose to either use or avoid jargon will help you determine what is most appropriate for your own writing.

Tone. While business writing should be clear and concise, “concise” does not necessarily mean “blunt.” As you write, think about how your relationship to the reader and about how your audience may interpret your tone. Consider the following examples:

Nobody liked your project idea, so we are not going to give you any funding.
After carefully reviewing this proposal, we have decided to prioritize other projects this quarter.

While the first example may be more direct, you will likely notice that the second sentence is more diplomatic and respectful than the first version, which is unnecessarily harsh and likely to provoke a negative reaction.

Standard Business Proposal Letter Format

Check out each of the major components of an effective business proposal letter below, starting with business headings, continuing on with an introduction, statement of purpose, and call-to-action, and wrapping up with a strong outro.



Statement of Purpose



Business headings provide a formal touch for your business proposal letter and include contact information for your business as well as the recipients, such as the business name, address, and points of contact. For more informal business proposal letters or proposal letters you send via email, you can consider omitting this portion of your letter.

Your introduction is an opportunity to re-introduce yourself and remind your lead, prospect, or recipient why you’re sending the associated proposal. This also gives you a chance to provide any relevant social proof to prime them before reading your full proposal, as well as tease the overall purpose.

This acts as a summary of the most important contents of your business proposal: their problem, your solution, and the benefits the prospect will receive. This gives you a chance to highlight the most important points of your proposal and accurately communicate your elevator pitch or USP for the scanning reader.

Conclude with a sentence that tells the reader what to do next. Usually, this next step will be to read your attached proposal, but it can also be to request a call or meeting to review the proposal together or to ask and answer any questions that may have arisen after reviewing. If this is the case, use concrete language with a specific ask, such as "use my Calendly link to book a time to connect this week."

End with a polite outro stating how excited you are about the opportunity to work together. Then, sign the document if it’s a physical copy, or use a professional email signature if you’re sending it via email. Include your contact information in the signature so they can reach you.

About This Article

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 25 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1,191,534 times.

To write a business letter to customers, use a professional-looking letterhead that features your business name or logo. Open with a polite salutation and state the purpose of the letter right away in the first line. To establish an assertive tone, be sure to write in the active voice, adding any relevant details to clarify the letter’s purpose. Wrap up your letter with a call to action and don’t forget to proofread the letter carefully before sending it out! For more tips on writing in the active voice, read on!


Best 5 Article Writing Websites That You Need To Bear in Mind

The industry increases with a great number of article composing firms. A few of them are reliable, while other businesses aren’t. Even though each individual organization has a rank, this isn’t generally a trustworthy indicator. 

That’s considering the fact that every single learner has a couple anticipation in terms of the culmination of an scholastic work. So, you need to have a glance at numerous essay firms just before picking out one. Like this, you can determine whether or not it will meet up with your criteria or the various other way around. We advise you take a look at these five paper services, additionally. One of them could be the proper match for your wants. 


Previous to establishing this small evaluation of, we accepted the independence of checking out their official webpage and customer reviews of Fastessay. Navigating the website is easy to do, due to the bright and elegant design. In addition, future consumers can find all of the info they want concerning and the firm’s basics. 

Exactly like the majority of essay composing companies the prices are displayed on With what we’ve experienced, the costs of an article is influenced by the complexity degree and the emergency of the final target time. 

Obviously, immediate articles ordered from Fast essay are more expensive; so, it’s advisable to request your article in advance. We were have the ability to locate a wide range of Fast essay reports that show the reliability of the business. 


As reported by Assignment Expert’s official web site, the organization hires professional authors solely. That way, they can be 100 % certain that the quality offered by is suitable. Together with school copywriting, such as term reports, papers, application papers, case studies, and the like, gives editing and proofreading offerings, at the same time. 

After looking for reliable consumer reviews of Assignment Expert, we identified that it is committed to respecting the user’s details. Consider price reductions and coupon codes – can learners make the most of rate reductions? Sure. In truth, Assignment Expert has a special devotion program, and thus, the more articles you order, the more funds you could store. Moving on to the customer care, we can express it is readily available twenty-four hours a day. 


Moreover, we would choose to comprise on our set of recommendations. Just Buy Essay is a company that produces specialist guidance with numerous academic jobs. The company presents a refund guarantee, meaning if you’re not content with the grade of the document you purchased, you can demand a total return. In spite of your educational desires, Justbuyessay can assist you, according to the info available on Justbuyessay reviews page. 

Some other wonderful aspect is that, as a completely new consumer, you end up with a promo code that will lower the whole pricing of the order. That way, you can cut back funds and pick up a well-written article. Additionally, if you wish to be a part of their discount commitment system, you can get alternative discount codes, likewise, by signing up.


Heading off to our 4th suggestions of piece of paper firm, we would like to refer to This company’s status is established dependent on its user evaluations, and the attributes Custom Writings grants. About the diversity of products delivered by, we can report that you can get guidance with a lot of academic essays. 

The CustomWritings price tags are on the low-average side, signifying that you won’t sense that you’ve been overcharged. Concurrently, you could possibly really benefit from a promo code as a returning client, which implies Custom Writings appreciates dedication. 

  1. tells its client base that it employs competent article writers only. At the same time, makes certain that every one article is rid of plagiarism, and meticulously checked before being mailed to the consumer. 

Kind of like many other websites that can be purchased, the price tags vary seriously. The emergency of the due date and the complexity grade of the article are the most important aspects that determine the rate you’ll spend on your piece of paper. Soon after getting acquainted with the Internet for reviews on Cool Essay, we finished that it has an optimistic score. 

 We are convinced that you’ve determined our assessment document beneficial. Even though these companies are value thinking about, you should make a choice based on your finances and necessities.

Five Examples of Using Digital Games for Education

With the rise of devices that can connect easily with the internet and the advancement of these devices due to digital evolution; the use of digital games for education has witnessed an increasing adoption in learning institutions.

Learning through games today is gaining traction, and is set to revolutionize the education arena significantly. There are games whose structure is similar to traditional and conventional learning mechanisms, and this is why games are being adopted in the education process today. Education might be hard but if you want to know more about importance on it you can read this benefits of college education essay.

Multiplayer Games as Pretexts to Collaboration and Teamwork

Multiplayer games are games where many players come together and use their joint efforts to complete the mission of the game. The mission of the game could be to come up with a gigantic structure, or to achieve a particular milestone by collective work, or even to scoop the most points at an individual level, then aggregating the points at the end of the game to determine the outcome.

In this sense, therefore, digital games can come in handy in training students about the aspect of teamwork, collaboration, and working together. Academic work requires collaboration – given the challenges that exist in some areas and fields of study. Also, the use of multiplayer games can come in handy when it comes to illustrating and imparting the aspect of time management and working with objectives and goals.

Use of Quizzes and Crosswords to Boost Grammar

Some games involve quizzes, whereby students have to juggle crosswords and quizzes to bag some points which they can redeem at the end of the game. Here, teachers and instructors can use these quizzes and crosswords for education. Instructors can use these quizzes to help students build and polish their grammar, and by extension, polish their use of words and phrases.

In this scenario, students get the opportunity to enhance their word usage, which could help them when it comes to their writing. Whichever angle you care to look at it, these quizzes and crosswords that take the form of games can be of very high importance when it comes to educating students.

Assessment by Use of Points Garnered

Most digital games involve the awarding of points as the game advances to other levels. On this premise, therefore, digital games can be used for education in the sense that they can be used to assess time management skills. Time management is a very central theme when it comes to the education arena.

Instructors can use digital games that involve the awarding of points, and games that have a structure that encompasses time limits at different levels. This way, assessment becomes easier. Students can play their digital games, and instructors can export the collected data for further analysis, where the time management skills of the students go through an assessment.

Use of Games to Motivate Learning Goals

Most digital games encompass goals and objectives for the player. In the same vein, learning and education have objectives and goals for the student. This relation between games and education, in the sense that both have goals and objectives, bringing the issue of the use of digital games for education into perspective.

Students can play digital games bearing in mind that they have to attain some objectives and accomplish some goals at every level. This helps them to be more objective in the course of play. This mentality is what governs the classroom as far as education is concerned, and by using games to effect understanding of goal-setting, digital games become significant when it comes to the education process.

Digital Games, Solutions and Education

There are myriad challenges that students face when it comes to the learning process. Some concepts become hard to understand, and some problems become hard to solve. These difficulties are similar to those faced when playing games – in some respects.

Similarities of these problems include thinking and looking for a viable solution to the problem that will require the least effort and will also be easy to remember. In this regard, therefore, instructors can use digital games that involve problem-solving for education purposes.

The ways that students use to solve problems can be of great importance as far as education is concerned since the approaches tend to be similar.

To sum this up, digital games and education are complementary, in the sense that digital games can be beneficial when it comes to learning. Students need to set goals, to track their efforts towards those goals, to solve challenges they encounter, and to get rewards at the end – a process that is similar to the education process. Therefore, digital games have many advantages when it comes to the education scenario.

Writing in Nine Easy Steps

The writing process is systematic and involves following a sequence of steps. Writing involves coming up with ideas, organising those ideas, and later putting them on paper in a systematic format to ensure harmony and flow throughout the entire article.

The best way of knowing how to write is to practice writing often, and following a guideline or a set of steps is a sure-fire way of improving your writing skill. For more you can read this article: “how to write a persuasive essay“.

Start Off with a Good Headline

The headline of your article speaks more about the content that follows and in most cases, readers will read your article if the headline is eye-catching. Make sure you take your time coming up with a title that is going to capture the attention of your readers. Once you select an appropriate title for your article, then the writing part will come in naturally.

Jot Down Points and Ideas

After settling on the headline for your article, you need to start working on the content of your article. An excellent piece comprises of an introduction, the body, and conclusion. You should put points and ideas on paper, which will help you come up with the main content of your article.

Begin Writing Your Article

The first line of your article should capture the attention of the reader and motivate them to read on. You can use a quote, question or fact to enhance the quality of the first line of your introduction part. The introduction part should motivate the reader to continue reading your article, and you should ensure that this section captures the attention of your reader.

Inculcate the Appropriate Terms and Phrases

Depending on the content you are writing, it is important to use terms an phrases that blend well with the subject of the article. This increases the relevance of your piece and improves its overall quality. If you are writing content for promotional and marketing purposes on a website, proper usage of terms and phrases will make it visible to search engines, hence increasing traffic to your site.

Adopt a Simple Yet Unique Style

As you continue writing your article, make sure you keep the structure of sentences short and straightforward. Well written content is easy to understand and improves its readability. Adopt a unique style of writing, since this will make your article stand out from thousands of articles on the same subject. A simple and uniquely written article is highly likely to attract the attention of readers.

Add Links to Sources You Have Used

When you use other sources to explain a point further in your content, it is only appropriate to refer to those sources by inserting links to those sources. There is nothing wrong with using other sources to clarify your points. On the contrary, using sources to back up your content improves its credibility and resourcefulness. However, you should add links and make proper referencing to any sources you use in your article.

Work On Your Conclusion

The conclusion sums up the entire article, and it is vital to come up with a conclusion that reflects the content you have created. Depending on the nature of your body of work, you might choose to support an argument in cases of essay writing, or you may decide to give a rundown of a product or service in the case of copywriting. Your conclusion should summarise the entire article, and it should be straightforward and simple to understand.


Edit and Proofread Your Work

Once you have completed writing your content, it is essential to take a break before embarking on the proofreading process. This helps you to internalise the work you have created and allows you to come up with better pick-up lines, keywords, and phrases for areas where you think a review might be necessary.

After the break, start editing and proofreading your work for spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, poor sentences grammatical errors and typos. There are tools on the internet that can help you detect these errors and take necessary action.

Editing improves the quality of your content and makes it easier to read through and understand.

Post or Submit Your Content

After editing and proofreading your article for mistakes, submit it to the person who requested it, or you can post it to a blog or website depending on the purpose of the article. Once the piece is out there, people will read the article and give their thoughts about it.

This is very important since feedback helps you take note of your strengths and weaknesses. Meaningful criticism will help you improve your writing skills in the long run. Accept criticism from people who read your work and use it to improve how you write.

In a nutshell, writing is a simple process, but it demands patience, dedication, and commitment. You can follow these steps to learn how to write good content and continuous practice over time will boost your writing skills.

Thinking and Independent Person Is Our Future

Things are changing rapidly in our world today, and we expect that over the years to come, there will be new approaches to doing things which will be influenced by cutting-edge technologies, and to some extent, regulation.

More people are going to schools and getting an education, and it is safe to say that competition is likely to get intense in years to come. With robots poised to take over some jobs, regulation revising job and industry entry requirements for professionals: it is crystal clear that folks who are independent and able to think clearly will be our future.


New Trends

The primary reason that necessitates independent and thinking people is that new trends are set to disrupt our ways of doing things in a significant way. The forces of digitization and technology are set to disrupt our normal ways of doing things substantially, and it is only poised to get better over time.

Disruptions that are happening today are just a preview of what is about to happen in years to come, thanks to cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. People out there can only learn to adapt to these trends and devise ways in which they can make the most out of these trends, and it is why independent people and thinkers are set to play a massive role in tomorrow’s world.


Tomorrow’s Workforce

The workforce of the future will be different from today’s workforce in some ways. As time whiles away, some changes also emerge, which people resist at first, but learn to cope and adapt as time goes by. These changes are bound to happen. Regardless of the time, it will take – which is not a lot of time to be precise; there will be fundamental changes to tomorrow’s workforce which will affect people in many ways.

In this regard, therefore, tomorrow’s folks need to be prepared in a significant way to blend in and succeed in an increasingly evolving environment. People must learn how to make solid decisions on their own. This explains we need a thinking and an independent populace in tomorrow’s world.


A lot Is At Stake

The world’s population is growing steadily, and in the next decade or even before, the world’s populace will have increased significantly. This translates to more people in the workforce, more students in institutions of learning, increased regulation by governments and their agencies, and increased economic activity. The world will need skilled and prepared individuals to run and facilitate these activities properly.

There is progress when there is unwavering commitment and hard work from a people, and this can be done well if folks are great thinkers, and rely on themselves when they approach specific tasks or activities.

To sum this up, tomorrow’s world is set to be different and unique in a significant way than today’s world, and this calls for people to prepare themselves for the changes and activities that are about to unfold. Increasingly, technology will play a crucial role in tomorrow’s world, and people will have to devise ways in which they can make their day to day tasks simpler by leveraging on technology.

Whichever way you care to cut it through, one thing is clear: we need a prepared populace for the future, and this is thinking and independent people.

Observing Physical Education

After observing a physical education coach (PE) teaching elementary students, I learned several issues regarding the profession. I developed new feelings and approach to the classroom management, instruction delivery, the process of organization, teacher or student interaction, and student engagement.

I observed physical education coach guide 4th-grade students on games such as jumping front and back. The coach displayed excellent classroom management practice through proper design and execution of the different elementary physical games and associated programs. I felt that the coach availed sufficient and desirable guidance to foster physical fitness (Krombholz, 9).

The instruction delivery of the coach was adaptable to the kids who aged about eight years at fourth grade since they quickly learned. The exercises such as jumping and running together not only enhanced the physical framework, but also invigorated social growth, cognitive sharpening, and emotional progress of the children (Burgeson et al., 5).

The organization of process of the students was easy. Many students conform to the desired arrangements that teacher proposes. The organization of the school followed a structured framework that guided on the daily operation of the school.

There was a close teacher to student interaction thus allowing teachers to comprehend group behaviors and motivate inspiring behaviors while shunning negative modes. The coach had an opportunity to regulate the safety of the children environment.

The PE teacher achieved student engagement paying close attention to every student. Each student was invited to jump in front of the others. Through such initiatives, students gained virtues of equality, caring, and love for one another. The class became cooperative and moved from being a class to a family. I liked the school atmosphere created by the cooperative children. I slightly disliked seeing some students shying from interaction, but later accepted that children are unique in nature. Some children take more time than others to socialize.

Summary: “Are College Lectures Unfair?”

The article mainly focuses on investigating whether the college lectures discriminate the students by race, gender, and financial status. As reported by the author of the article, lectures are rather old and well-established tradition of education which often appears as a way of  teaching college courses.  A vast amount of evidence points out to the fact that lectures are neither generic, nor neutral but that they have a specific cultural nature that tends to discriminate against some individuals while favoring others. The discrimination is mostly evident by gender, race and financial status, as claimed in the article. Moreover, such perception is not just a matter of bias of the instructors but is owing to the lecture format. Traditional form of a lecture tends to offer unfair advantages to the categories of population that are already privileged.

The studies focused on presenting a comparison of the lectures with alternative styles of instruction and show the partiality of the lecture formats. Active learning, which is an alternative style of teaching, often plays a significant role in providing increased feedback, interaction, and structure that prompts the students towards becoming participants in the development of knowledge rather than serving as passive recipients.

The studies conducted by other scholars comparing active learning to lectures exhibit consistency in showing that the performance of the students in the active learning courses tends to be better than that of students taught through the traditional lectures. The study as well shows that the active learning approach tends to eliminate the effects of discrimination evident in the improved performance of minority, first-generation students and those from low-income families.

The article attributes the variance in performance evident in the different methods of teaching to the fact that poor and minority students are more likely to have attended low performing learning institutions that did not offer them the same vibrant extracurricular and academic provisions familiar to those from affluent families. The fact that during the lectures students who have different educational background and level face the same conditions for learning as those who have been at more advantaged positions in previous educational experience contributes significantly to their capability to retain and absorb what they hear.

The article argues that active learning approach is more effective in delivering knowledge than administering courses through lectures. The lectures are somewhat discriminatory with only the students having undergone efficient learning system in their earlier stages of development performing better. The lectures tend to benefit most the students from affluent backgrounds and male whites. However, the study conducted by comparing the effectiveness of active learning approach suggests that the method plays a vital role in benefiting all the students especially the females, minority, first-generation and low-income.

Moreover, the process of placing one’s thoughts into words and ensuring their effective communication to others act as a powerful tool that facilitates learning, as mentioned by the author. The active learning courses often play a significant role in providing the opportunity for the learners to debate and talk with each another in a somewhat low-pressure and collaborative environment. The traditional lectures usually present a barrier to learning for the students from low-income families and minority groups through their exposure to a high-pressure atmosphere which discourages them from volunteering to respond to questions. Traditional lectures expose students to an environment that impairs their performance due to the lack of sense of belonging crucial for enhancing their academic achievements.

Are Test Scores a Good Way of Judging any Student’s Efficiency?

Test scores have become a common criterion used by many colleges in the United States of America to judge the efficiencies and the capacities of students being admitted. America holds the ideas for educational standards and as such ranks top among the other countries still developing in this field. Due to the intensity of the tests score in American colleges, the essence of classroom teaching is gradually decreasing because the focus is not on what the student is able to produce after a learning process has taken place but what she or she is able to create in terms of innovation or so. Test scores are considered to be a fashionable tool in assessing the efficiencies of a student. In essence, the test scores are still controversial in their very basic capacities to judge the ability of an individual (Petersons). Thus, those who support this idea argue that due to their comparability, accountability and objectivity, the test scores can be effective in revealing how efficient a student is right before admission into an institution.

The opponents of this subject state that the test scores are an obsession meant to hinder the rational learning process because it tends to misjudge the capacities of an individual student. This though is quite reasonable as both claims about tests score are evidently true, even though in extreme cases, they can run out of context. In essence, the sole purpose of test scores is to give a basis for evaluating the capabilities and the efficiencies of a student though they cannot be relied on solely to determine what an individual student is able to offer given a chance.

According to Unigo, test scores are enabling tools for colleges to determine to what extent the student will perform after admission. The test scores in this context are a judgmental means aimed at subjecting a student to critical scrutiny in terms of individual talents. On the other side, the tests scores are mere puzzles that, in fact, do not define a student as the educational subject. They are basically subjective and do not reveal the true forms of the students’ capabilities. The test scores classify students in the aspects of being excellent, good or average (Unigo). Indeed, the tests score do not add any significant importance to students more than to the levels they already are. Again, the best test scores should not be subjective but open-ended so that one can choose to participate. Besides, the results should not be used against the individual but rather for improvement purposes.

Relatively big institutions apply ACT and SAT systems to avail data used for comparison purposes. These forms are as well not perfect as they do not accurately measure skills and intelligence that the students carry along to school (Petersons). Some institutions still, however, insist on using these means as an equalizing factor among students.

In a nutshell, the arguments about test scores are evidently supported. In this context, the test scores are basically available tools for evaluating skills and efficiencies of students though, in fact, they are subjective and do not point out the very skills defining the potentials of an individual student. This means, therefore, that the controversies are balanced drawing a conclusion that the test scores might be used, though sometimes they are not so much applicable.