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Me and my Brother

What I liked about the school holdays. Was when we got up at 10 o’clock I had to play a football macth the skoor was 0/0 and 2/1 to us. When we got home I got my bmx bike out and it has stuntpegs. My brother stud on the stuntpegs and I rid up the road and my brother fell off. And went in side and I went in side for my tea.

by daniel

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What I did at school yesterday

I do maths , RM ,litriy and lexier. We did an experement we mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda wich fizzed over the top it was funny because it went all over the table.

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I ran I scurried I Gleemed I did :)

I walk through the door.
I witness a chandaleer it was puoring lindours it was massive.
I scurried upstairs the wallpaper was lots of different flavoured choclates orange choclate,white choclate and dark choclate!!!
I tip toed into the bathroom desind not to wake the majestic QUEEN:)
I ran the bath tap to find a creamy ritch choclate.
I un reeled the toilet roll to feel a warm,cracely choclate.
I gleemed at the choclate balls on on the roof wich was SUPOST to be lights.
I slipped down the stairs I guess I’ll make the most of it!!
I stuffed myself with choclate,
I WILL NOT put any in the bin.
I heard a big loud scream.
I saw……. the majestic QUEEN Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!
I ran,
I ran,
I ran cas fast as i could
I thought, at the end of the day the best place I could be was snug at home.

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Whoopie Pies

We are having a science week on ‘changes’.
Yesterday we have made butter from cream and today we made chocolate whoopie pies.
We have made volcanoes and blown up balloons with bicarboanate of soda and vinegar.
It was fab.
Have a look at our work at http://flamboroughprimary.primaryblogger.co.uk/
or our new class site at


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