1) How to choose what my blog will be about?

I usually use two points of view when it comes to blog analysis. First, it is about the business component. I try to understand if it is profitable, how much money the owner may spend on it, if the target audience has been chosen correctly and if there are any ways to improve the blog and what strategies to implement to accomplish this goal. Actually, there are quite a few criteria you should take into account. Secondly, I forget all I knew about blogging and look at it as if I were a regular reader. At this point, I judge if the blog is engaging and informative. If you want to start your own blog you should pay attention to what might be interesting for your audience and first of all, for you. I have no answer to this question you need to give it a good thought. Maybe, you don’t really want to have a blog and just succumbed to the hype.

2) How much money do you get from blogging?

I’d say enough. If you are curious if it’s possible to make a living being a blogger, then my answer is yes. But you should keep in mind that it is a job as well. And it may be rather exhausting. But if you post something now and then don’t expect that you will shovel up money and travel all around the world for free.

3) If blogging is your job what is your hobby then?

I like traveling. It’s both parts of my working routine and hobby as seeing new places and meeting new people is still my passion. When I stay home for longer I also like throwing parties for my friends or just going out with them. I adore writing letters to my granny to get to know the latest news about my hometown, my relatives, schoolmates and so on. In short, I love to gossip with my grandmother. When I travel I also send her postcards from every country I`ve been to.