Hi everyone! My name is Kollin Moore and I am a blogger. This word usually frightens adults and fans of traditional jobs. My granny still asks me to find a real job so that she has something to boast of to her friends.  But you shouldn’t be afraid. It is really fascinating.

Now I have two separate blogs with absolutely different target audiences. My first blog is dedicated to traveling and I won’t tell you much about it here. The blog you are currently reading is about blogging itself. Here I try to analyze everything happening in this sphere, share some news and my own blogging experience. I can also post some tips and tricks of my own or provided by other bloggers. It may be quite enlightening for both professionals and freshers.

First I got the idea of starting such a blog when I was a student. Back then I studied PR and advertising at Sacred Heart University and wanted to put my knowledge into practice. I used to have very few readers (even my sister refused to read posts about my traveling experience) and decided to change it using different tactics I found on the internet. Through trial and errors, I finally managed to enhance my little enterprise and increased engagement with my audience. After graduating I felt like turning my hobby into my job and started working on my blog as a marketing specialist, made a posting plan, monetized it, attracted advertising customers, promoted it on a variety of sites. Now I describe all of these in this blog to help you become a successful blogger no matter what sphere you are writing about.