6 Dumb Things Most Bloggers Do That Always Leads to Failure


Let’s face it: having a blog is not as easy as you would imagine. It is true that you have to be really passionate about writing in order to be a blogger, but there’s way more to this topic.

A lot of mistakes can occur and can lead to your blogs’ failure. Still, we want to prevent that, so we’re going to offer you some tips on how to avoid the most common blogging mistakes.

Writing a Lot of Content

If someone’s a beginner and decides that he or she wants to have a blog, they will start writing tons of articles. This is a bold move, indeed, but it won’t get you far.

If you don’t have a large audience, there’s no need for you to write a lot of content that no one is going to read. Your main focus should be on your audience, to get as many people as possible to read your blog. How you can do that, you might wonder… Well, you should start promoting the content you already have. It’s better to have a few articles that are actually read, than having a dozen that isn’t. Quality over quantity is very important.

Saying the Same Things as Other Bloggers

It’s good to be relatable, to be able to express what others do, but if your content is very similar to the one offered by other bloggers, the chances for you to fail are big.

If a reader finds the information you’ve written about on 5 other blogs, they won’t care about what you’re saying.

Try to stand out and be specific about what you’re saying. If your content is boring and extremely repetitive, no one will read it. If you want to be remembered, write about something no one else did and you will definitely see some results.

Not Promoting your Blog Enough

This is one crucial thing that certain bloggers seem not to take as seriously as they should. You need to promote yourself as much as you can – either on social media or other blogs.

Furthermore, apart from using organic methods, sometimes is recommended to pay for promotions. Why? Because you can target your audience and gain new followers/readers.

Not Planning Your Posts

Posting planned content can be a key to success. Why? Because if you don’t pay attention to what you’re posting and when you’re posting it, you might lose your readers. It’s recommended to have a schedule, to know how many times a week/month you post so you can focus on what you need to do.

Not Using Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.  This is very important to be taken into account because not only it helps the reader understand the meaning of your message, but it also helps you gain more traffic.

A lot of blogs don’t use any sort of visuals and that’s why they fail. No one has the attention span of reading a 1,000-word article without any sort of pause.

Not Engaging with Your Audience

This is one of the most important parts of having a blog. If you write a post, you write it for your readers, but sometimes you don’t realize that your readers are actually human beings that will comment to your blog.

Some will ask questions, some will ask for more details or some may argue on a certain subject. It’s highly recommended to interact with your readers because, this way, you can build credibility and you are encouraging more people to interact with you and your blog.

Final Thoughts

These are just 6 of the mistakes that could ruin your career as a blogger. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always keep in mind who your target audience is and what message you want to spread across the online community.