What we have been learning in our extra day

We are in Dundee and we are 4,5, and 6 years old. We have only ever had one year year before in our whole lives which we think is cool. At school we have been learning, tricky words, reading, spelling , eating fruit, playing in the playground, adding, washing our hands, eating our lunch (sausages, chicken wrap, macaroni and cheese, playing in the playground, brushing our teeth, listening to a story, watching Baboon on the Moon, drawing a scene from Baboon on the Moon, putting pictures in the correct order using Activexpressions, playing DoThisDoThat, watching YouTube and learning about Weather Presenters so that we can be one in the role play area in the Active Learning Zone. Phew!!!! We think you will agree that it has been a very busy day! Plus we are very proud of one of our teachers because she was on Glow TV – we think she is very clever and now she is famous! Our other two teachers watched her and were very proud of her.

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