Wednesday 29th February 2012…….

29 things about me…
1.My name is Poppy
2.I have a younger brother called Olly
3. I go to Paget High School
4.I’m 11 years old
5.I’m good at dancing
6.I enjoy singing (although I’m not very good!)
7.I have two amazing best friends
8.I love one direction <3
9.I love my family to bits<3
10.I love my phone
11.I love my laptop
12.All of my friends are amazing
13.I enjoy school
14.I enjoy reading
15.I love shopping
16.I love Clothes
17.I love Shoes
18.I love food
19.I love Cadburys chocolate…NOM
20.I love History
21.I love playing Netball
22.I love all of my memories
23.I also love The Wanted<3
24.I love going on holiday
25.I love the sun…….it's amazing!
26.I love listening to my IPod
27.I love playing out with my mates
28.I really enjoy having fun!
29.This year is a leap year and I have blogged and made my mark in history <3

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