If you had 1 more day

If you had 1 more day what would you do?

Would you…
Go scuba diving with a pig,
Meet an archaeologist and dig,
Raise money by wearing a wig
What would you do?

Break your habits with a rabbit
Meet a hobbit then flog it
Buy a car and drive it
What would you do?

Propose to your loved one
Meet your special someone
Count to 1001
What would you do?

Sail down the river Severn
Travel back to 2007
Or maybe to when you were 11
What would you do?

Go to your friend’s house
Have tea with a mouse
Meet a man named Clause
What would you do?

Yell “What on earth is happening!”
Or “By golly is that the King!”
Cry “Let the church bells ring!”
What would you do?


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