diffrent country that i want to vist

1.america-new york.
2.australia-sydney-harber brige.
3.bora bora-beautiful irland.
4.beljeum-the stat wall.
5.paris-the alifer tower.
6.america-las vagas-to see the city.
7.dublin-lots 0f good party.
10.china-to see how thing are made.
11.rome-because i love how the cloths were made.
12.carreben-to see inda.
13.kurdstan-to see the cirty and the big house.
14.pakistan-old friend , family.
15.hong kong-the wall of china.
16.scottland- to see the city and the cloths.
17.peru-to see thing.
18.hawwia-because it is hot and love the music.
19.briza-hot beach.

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