1. bungey jump
2. ski dive
3.make my parents like me
4.ride the worlds fastest roller coaster
5.buy a manchin
6.be on the show Man vs. Wild
7.live through cancer
8.fly to the moon
9.meet Tom Brady
10.have a HUGE pet anaconda
12.live in a house made out of chocolate
13.find the fountain of youth
14.visit Michael Jackson’s grave
15.meet Snooki
16.go scooba diving
17.live in Hawaii
18.be on americas best dance cruoe (A.B.D.C)
19.be on american idol
20.have my own T.V show
21.be in movies
22.go to L.A
23.see the mid evil ages
24.blow up the moon
25.climb Mount Everest
26.get my dream car
27.climb the top of a vocano
28.make a world famouse sculpter
29. make a world famouse painting

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