bucket list

1. Meet Skrillex/Sonny Moore
2. Learn to play dubstep
3. Play music to a crowd of more than 200 people
4. Patent an invention
5. Feature in a film
6. support a wellknown rockband
7. Go to university
8. Design and create my own range of musical instruments
9. Go on the radio
10. Direct my own film
11. Go to Ibiza
12. Work at Kerrang
13. Rave with Skrillex
14. Join a modestep metal band
15. Tour america in a VW camper
16. Do a comedy gig
17. Give a kickass best man speech
18. Start an evening class teching formal English to chavs
19. Write an album of spoofs
20. Ride on a helicopter
21. Ghost ride a car
22. Use a bus as a skateboard
23. Go camping with only a tent and a flashlight.
24. Learn to ride a skateboard
25. Go on a lads holiday
26. Own an Ipad
27. Own a Vespa
28. Own a VW Camper
29. Get a Pajazzle of a unicorn (coz Im just a legend)

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