29 things to do before i die

i am going to write 29 things of what i am going to do before the end of my life.
1. have a nice car
2. buy a big house
3. get an enjoyable job
4. go on a nice long holiday
5. parachuting
6. invent something new that will help the world
7. give money to charity
8. go on a cruise ship
9. go on the biggest rolocoaster in the world
10. get an indoor swimming pool
11. indoor bowling alley
12. travel to mars
13. time travel
14. go to saudi arabia
15. live in an underwater hotel
16. make the biggest snow man
17. meet a blue wale
18. go on a speed boat
19. travel at the speed of light
20. discover a new animal
21. go to the moon
22. go to dubai
23. get married
24. get chirldren
25. turn in to spiderman
26. go on a hot air baloon
27. go sphearing
28. live in the best hotel
29. to be able to fly

there the 29 things,( i struggled at the end so they might be a bit awkward)

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