29 faivourite things

4.Playing the guitar.
6.Playing with my friends.
7.Going shopping
8.Going to the park.
9.Being active.
10.Going to sleep.
11.Playing games on my ipod.
12.Doing lots of things with my family.
13.Playing with my dogs.
14.Eating my favourite food lasgagna.
15.Exercizing to get into shape.
17.Going to water parks.
19.Meeting my grandparents.
20.Seeing my friend in Alberta.
21.Seeing my dad get back into shape.
22.Playing with my old dog that past away.
23.Singing in front of thousands of people.
24.Bruno Mars it will rain .
25.Drawing .
27.Playing dance central ½.
28.Going to concerts.
29.Eating vegtables/fruit.

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