Leap year baby wait

We are expecting our first baby here in Palawan, Philippines. The wait goes on, my birthday 3 days ago (i would have called him “Martin” too), now leap year day, a special day. My girlfriend is not very keen on giving birth today, she doesn’t want Alfonso to be born today, but I think it is a special unique day. I have only experienced 12 of them in my life, so what’s the problem ? There were some twinges and backpains early in the day, but since then …… nothing, only the regularly movements , becoming more and more restricted in my girlfriend’s womb. I would be proud to be born on Leap Year Day, as long as i have a real birthday, on 1st March, on non-Leap Year Days.
So the wait goes on, now i guess Alfonso will be a March baby, only a few hours left to find out. My girlfriend has a history of quick births, wish Alfonso luck in his arrival …….

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