Extra journey time

Today, I’m at my ‘other’ office in Hendon, North London, but to get here I had to go on the M25 today, which today was frought with many delays. All this meant I could stay in the car for longer and listen to my favorite morning Radio show, Chris Evans. So even though there were hassles, good things arose :)

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  1. Mrs Travers

    Hello my hubby :-) I found your post at last and can now read about your Feb 29th 2012 day which I remember was indeed one of the more horrendous journeys on the M25. I am glad that you had our favourite broadcaster Chris Evans, on his breakfast show, to keep you smiling through the traffic.
    Thank you for joining in and blogging and leaving your footprint on history. I wonder where you will be on Feb 29th 2016? Hopefully not driving round the M25.

    I love you xxxx