29 facts about us.

Bobbie Kelly

1) Full Name;Bobbie Kelly.
3)Date of Birth; 18/6/2000
4)Favourite Colour; Blue
5) Favourtie programme; Coronation Street.
6) Favourite Sport; Trampolining
7) favourite singer: Nicki minaj
8) Favourite Shop; Primark
9) Biggest fear; Spiders
10) Favourite Book; diary of a wimpy kid.
13) favourtie actor; will smith
14) favourtie place in the world; spain.

Jess Smith

1)Full name: Jessica isabel Smith
2) age: 11
3) Date of Birth; 2/4/2000
4) favourite colour; Green
5) favourite sport; football
6) favourite holiday; disney land paris
7) favourite singer; the wanted
8)favourite shop; selfridges
9) biggest fear; spiders
10) Favourite book; the harry potter’s
11) favourite film; Avatar
12) favourtie actor; johnny deep
13) favourite place in whole world; london
14) favourite name; lilly and luke
15) favourtie song; the wanted- gold forever

thanks for listening about our lifes:) xx

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