29 facts about me!

my favourite colour is blue,i have black eyes,my birthday is november 24th 2001,my name is Ta,i have 5 dogs,i live in Thailand,i have 1 baby brother i am 10 years old,my football team is MU,my favourite book is top gear,my favourite food is fish,my favourite lesson is p.e,favourite fruit is mango,i have 7 or 6 family,i am good at art,i have lot’s of freinds,i have 2 mums,i have 2 dads,my favourite sport is football,i lke music,i am a boy,my best freind is SP,i like maths,my favourite animal is a dog,my favourite game is football,my favourite car is the bugatti, my favourite drink is coke, i live with my mum and dad and baby brother,when i grow up i want to be an artist.

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