Today in Y4 at Green Park

Y4 had a very busy day today. It started at 8.50 this morning when the children came tumbling in. Some children work on Numeracy via I Am Learning while the rest work and discuss Numeracy problems. After that “Bill’s New Frock” was discussed and the children wrote the start of a version of “Gill’s New Trousers”.

Playtime followed, and I was on playground duty. It was a little different today because Sadie pinched my whistle so that I couldn’t blow for the end of playtime!

Chunking was the order of the day for Numeracy and although it can be a bit tricky Y4 were pretty successful.

Lunchtime came and went and although there was an incident or two to do with football (isn’t there always?) and then students from Deyes High School came to rehearse with Y4 for their upcoming dance performance.

Before all the children went home there was an assembly.

It was perhaps the loveliest day for weather this year in our small town just outside Liverpool but not as good a day as my visit to Wembley on Sunday to watch Liverpool win the Carling Cup Final.

One of our pupils became very famous at Wembley. He appeared on TV and has since had over one and a half million hits on Youtube

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