I ran I scurried I Gleemed I did :)

I walk through the door.
I witness a chandaleer it was puoring lindours it was massive.
I scurried upstairs the wallpaper was lots of different flavoured choclates orange choclate,white choclate and dark choclate!!!
I tip toed into the bathroom desind not to wake the majestic QUEEN:)
I ran the bath tap to find a creamy ritch choclate.
I un reeled the toilet roll to feel a warm,cracely choclate.
I gleemed at the choclate balls on on the roof wich was SUPOST to be lights.
I slipped down the stairs I guess I’ll make the most of it!!
I stuffed myself with choclate,
I WILL NOT put any in the bin.
I heard a big loud scream.
I saw……. the majestic QUEEN Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!
I ran,
I ran,
I ran cas fast as i could
I thought, at the end of the day the best place I could be was snug at home.

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  1. jensen

    Cool man it was to good but it is all about choclate and I love choclate I wish it was real and you are making me hungry as well.