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First of all I was finishing my motivation letter. I want to be employed. Then I made all the copies and wrote the adress on the envelope. Then I get showerd and washed my hair before I went to the ballet-hour. But my teacher wasn’t there. She has written a paper and matched it on the door: I’m ill. That was the first time in nearly ten years, that she doesn’t work. Normally she gives lessons, even when she feels not good or while in pain.

So I went strictly to the post with my letter. It was a sunny day. At 7:45 I made a picture of the blue and red sky and posted it on facebook. I saw a formation of birds coming back from the south. Just beautiful! My facebook friends liked and commented it.

I went to the store to buy food and orange juice for the family. Then I came home and spent some time on facebook and my sister called me before she went to the cortège of Basel. I told her that these year I don’t come to watch and I felt a bit sad. Last year I was there with my daughter, she was 13 years then. Now she had to work for the school.

Then I startet cooking. I made something I never did before. Little cheese cakes, some of them I filled with muchroom and legume. My little daughter came home from school and we startet eating and we liked it!

Then came her father and my older daughter and we were sitting all together and talking. After eating, the adults had coffee and the whole familiy was eating a famous swiss chocolate with honey and reading the newspaper and the music channel on tv didn’t work anymore, because they had a technical changing day. My little daughter (12) was mad because of that. She loves music, especially Michael Jackson.

In the afternoon, I met a friend and we had a little walk. Then I went to the library. They had reserved a new book for me. I took one for my daughter too.

As I came back, I found that a woman wants to be friend with me on facebook. I accepted, she seemed familiar to me. Then I asked her and she answered and wrote these words: you are a gifted writer. We had been pregnand at the same time with our first kids! And I startet writing with her and now we know that our younger children will go at the same school in summer, maybe in the same class, that whoud be nice, but it’s nearly impossible because of many, many students.

But one never knows! Such a fantastic day. She told me, that she allways reads my posting in the internet. It’s so beautiful to be connected even if we don’t know, who reads us all ;)

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  1. Lovey

    Hi Karin
    looks like you had one of your busy days again .… But with all the buzz, there obviously were some really nice moments – and I don’t mean the chocolate cake only! Isn’t it nice when people show their appreciation?
    Keep going strong!