Bucket List – 29 things to do!

1. Galapagos Islands – done, a must
2. Swim with a dolphin – done , what wonderful creatures. Let’s hope that in future countries such as Japan and Denmark can no longer wantonly slay them for fun!
3. Swim with a shark – great experience, again please in future stop the cruel practise of slicing off their fins for soup and leaving them to die
4. Whale-watching. A fantastic experience – see above about cruelty and slaying!
5. Visit Paris – romantic and cosmopolitan
6. See the wonderful landscape of New Zealand. Bungee jump? Not for me!
7. Visit Australia – am looking forward to going someday.
8. Go on safari – one for the future.
9. Visit the Amazon – a must before it disppears. Fantastic experience.
10. Visit the Mayan palaces in Mexico – done!
11. Visit Taj Mahal – awesome!
12. Visit the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka – awesome.
13. Fly over Mount Everest – awesome.
14. Visit Machu Picchu – to do!
15. See polar bears in arctic – to do!
16. Alaskan cruise to see glaciers – awesome!
17. See an Ashes test match – to do!
18. See a ODI in West Indies – to do!
19. Ride in a hot air balloon – to do!
20. Helicopter over Niagara Falls – awesome!
21. Visit Las vegas – amazing.
22. Visit the Grand Canyon – amazing
23. Even better – visit the Bryson Canyon!
24. Fly over the Statue of Liberty – to do!
25. Take the Orient Express – to do!
26. Take the bullet train – to do!
27. Travel on the Trans Siberian railway – to do!
28. Swim in the Great Barrier Reef and visit Uluru – to do!
29. Walk in the Peak District – fantastic scenery.

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