Bonus Day

A long day – recovering from getting the kitchen made over and the ceiling in the living room – also getting skimmed by a plasterer yesterday… Add to that only a couple of hours sleep – and you have a busy day. Teach – collect minibus – go to a slightly frustrating meeting – teach – get kit ready for team – drive to venue – enjoy company of colleague from rival school – relish quality grass lovingly looked after by Independent School groundstaff – take early goal – then end up losing 2-3… back to school – gather kit – resort Google calendar entry – muse about clash I should have seen but didn’t when asked – wonder why the other person couldn’t have looked it up themselves – home through heavy traffic – wife unhappy – washing machine doesn’t work – chips for tea – takeaway reflecting transitory nature of home situation – painting to be done when the ceiling dries out – meanwhile dog needs walking – work piles up (again) parents evening tomorrow night – where do the weeks go? England v Holland in background – stomach heavy – smoke from neighbours still a potential worry and issue – think better tomorrow – hate to think weekend soon… lol


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3 Responses to Bonus Day

  1. Mrs W

    Sounds like a typical day at my house – minus football!- have knocked out bathroom, converted bedroom into bathroom and still sleeping in lounge! 2 months today!

    • Thanks
      Bonus day just happened to hit me in an very unusual spot – rare to see me feeling so overwhelmed – I’m usually optimistic…
      Mrs W – very sorry to hear about yr sleeping arrangements – that’s too bad…

  2. Mrs Fine

    And they say teachers have it easy!