29 facts about Germany

1. Germany has 81.8 million inhabitants
2. It has the 4th largest economy
3. Germanys capital is Berlin
4. Germany has 16 states, 3 of which are city states
5. The biggest festival is called Oktoberfest, which starts in September
6. The word for poison is Gift
7. Life expectancy for a male is 75.66 years
8. Life expectancy for a female is 81.81 years
9. Germany uses the euro as its currency
10. Germany is one of the fattest nations in Europe
11. The voting age is 18
12. In Germany there are 549 airports
13. Hello in German is Guten tag
14. The average temperature is 20-30 degrees in the summer
15. In winter dropping passed 0 degrees#
16. From the end of march to the end of October the clocks are put forward one hour.
17. 31% of the country is covered with forests
18. Germany is located in the centre of Europe
19. Germany are the second largest beer consumers
20. The most popular surname in Germany is Müller
21. There are over 300 kinds of bread
22. There are 35 dialects of the German language
23. Gummy bears were invented by a German
24. 2% of Germans don’t own cell phones
25. 65% of the highway has no speed limit
26. The first printed bool was in German
27. German is the most commonly taught language
28. The berlin wall fell in 1989
29. Berlin has the largest train station in Europe

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