Scuba diving lesson

Scuba Diving Lesson
Hi people,
I am Andrei and I am 9 years old.I am from Bucharest,Romania.The next Tuesday I will take scuba diving lessons.I have to read 191 pages about scuba diving.I will have a test to see if I know.I will use a mask and an oxygen tube.I think that will be cool.My dad also will go with me because he want’s to do scuba diving, too.I will dive up to 4 meters.The divers that get in the ocean have to use signs to see if they are O.K.When divers get out from the sea or from the ocean they have to clean their oxygen tube because the salt destroys them.They also have to be careful at the sharks when they are in the ocean.They use a cage when there are many sharks so they can be protected from bad animals that live in there.
This day is a special day.Happy blogging day.

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  1. Oliver Quinlan

    Wow, that sounds amazing. A lot of studying for a 9 year old, but it sounds like you are rising to the challenge. It will be amazing when you can dive out at sea and see all the amazing animals.