eLearning Leader

Today I am working to bring change to the education system. I am testing a 4G phone to see how we can utilise personal data connections in a school environment. I am fleshing out a BYOD model for increasing the ratio of students to devices in class. I am eating sprout bread with grated carrot and beetroot. I will dine with the neighbours this evening and then have a stroll on the beach with my wife and daughter. :)


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  1. David Mitchell

    WOW, if I went to my local beach tonight and took a stroll with my wife and daughter, we wouldn’t return!

    It sounds great on many levels – Enjoy your day!

  2. This seems to be a well rounded way to spend the day. I’ve been using computers since 1975 and in schools since 1981. Technology to student ratios have always been an issue since one computer had to be shared between six 1/2 teacher schools in 1981 to now where rooms have interactive boards and often multiple devices in class as well as access to a lab. Enjoy the day.

    NSW, Australia