29 things I love or Love doing

29 random things about me:

1) I love reading
2) I like writing story’s
3) I’d rather be in cold than hot
4) I love most plane foods
5) I love maths
6) I love Art
7) I find graffiti extremely entertaining
8) I can’t stop working (I love work)
9) I love organization
10) I love my Dog
11) I am good at negotiation
12) I love spaghetti Bolognase
13) I love sushi
14) I love tennis
15) I love softball
16) I love mango
17) I love Wii sports
18) I love hockey
19) I love purple
20) I love monopoly
21) I love the moron test
22) I love Rowan Atkinson
23) I love playing with technology
24) I love the Charlie bone books, the mysterious Benedict society and the book Candymakers
25) I Love Phuket
26) I love playing the piano
27) I love the movie Avatar
28) I love mint chocolate ice cream
29) I love Me!

Tess. W

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  1. Miss Savory

    Hi Tess. Evem though I am almost 30 years older than you, I’m with you on 1,3, 5 and 26!